Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Training for life

It is no wonder for us to train ourselves physically for competitions or meets, or even for reducing our weights. But have we been training ourselves spiritually?
Just as our physical part, we need to train our spiritual self, too. And just like we can endure longer and recover quicker if we train our physical body regularly, we can endure stronger against temptations and recover quicker from our fall if we train our spirit regularly.

So how can we train ourselves?
By reflecting and striving to reach our goal, that is to become like Jesus.
Just like when we want to train ourselves physically, we set our goal and picture the image of ourselves in the best shape, our spiritual goal should be the perfect figure of Jesus.

Let's not spend a day without ever stopping to take our private time with God in our daily devotion.

My goal this year:
-Get closer to God, studying his whole bible along the year, by reading 4 chapters daily.

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