Thursday, January 20, 2011


The internet is really a mixed blessing, because if it is used properly it can help you tremendously in many ways, but most often if we are not careful, it will take away most of our precious time. And it is often started small, just several minutes, but gradually take over much larger portion of our time.

As I am doing my responsibility as a student, I often distracted by many other things during my assignment. One of many things that often lead me off-course from my responsibility as a student is Facebook. It started small, just a few status updates here and there, some replies here and there, but when I realized it, I was spending hours in front of my computer, just waiting for someone to reply to my just-updated-5-minutes-ago status while replying to other people's reply and messaging another at the same time! And at the same time I left other things untended, and when I finally left my computer to do them I was doing them frantically and desperately because I didn't have enough time.

I don't think that using Facebook, nor watching Youtube is wrong, but I know that we have to be responsible for our time. All of us have the same amount of time, 24 hours, but some people are more responsible in using them that others. Even though there are no people watching me, I still have God that watches over me, and looks at me sadly with my irresponsible usage of time.

Today, I am going to do my assignments with my best effort.
I will not open Facebook nor Youtube until I come home.
God please help me, because alone I don't have any strength...

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