Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Growth needs time

Today I've learned something important.
As I strive to enter a theology university, I rushed and prepared all things so that I can enter that university on April this year.

But against my expectation, my senior reverend said to me that it's better for me to wait for another year before I enroll on that university.
He explained to me that the church need to know me better and see my resolution before they are able to send me studying there.

I always thought that I need to prepare myself as fast as possible. But growth needs time, and I realized that even though I think that I am ready for the challenge ahead, I need to prove myself through my ministry and life first. We couldn't see the depth of a man's heart, but we can know what inside of them by watching how they live their life. A spring will not produce both sweet and bitter water, and an orange tree won't produce apples on its branches. Just like that, a heart that really wants to follow God, will show and manifest itself in form of a lifestyle that chases after God.

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