Monday, April 18, 2011

Long time no post

It's been more than a month since my last post, and there was so much change in my world happening.

From the last month since the very bad disaster of tsunami, earthquake and radioactive leaks, I was forced to return home to my hometown in Makassar. I was very sad to leave Japan, and seems like all my plan for the future has been dashed.

Anyway, I'm still very grateful to the Lord for still letting me alive, and blessed me with a wonderful family that really cares for my well-being. I don't know what He stored for me in the future, but looks like I won't be back in Japan until May now.

So well while I am still in Indonesia, I decided to make the best of this opportunity and met some of my old friends in Jakarta, some are from my high school friends and some from my previous university in Jakarta before I went to Japan. We had quite a time, and I was glad to see my friends that was married several months ago. Wish the best for them and their future too!

After four days in Jakarta, I arrived in Makassar. My mother was sick because she worried about me, and she was still coughing when I met her. I brought her to the doctor and thank God gradually her health gets better again, now she doesn't cough anymore. Still I don't know if I ever allowed to return to Japan permanently, as long as the radiation leaks don't get controlled I won't get permission to stay in Japan.

So I'm in the middle of pathways now, should I return to Japan in spite of the resistance from my family, and risk repeating the same problem in the future, or staying in Makassar?

Of course there is no easy way, and once I've decided it will affect my future from now on.

Decision, decision..

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