Friday, March 4, 2011

Ski trip

Finally, got back from the ski trip!

What a blasting three days! Went into onsen and rotenburo (spa), skiing, playing cards until night, half-sleeping through the discussion about politics and conflicts (which a definite someone in the church, ms. ALG, would have so much thrill to hear about, I guess), and more skiing!

My body is still aching from the sore muscles, but it was a very nice vacation!
And in the end we only have to pay about 12,500 yen, so that was quite a big discount!

Also met some new friends, chida-kun, yon in-san, wong ju-san, ryu-chan, kazi-kun and shan-kun, we talked about many things. I also shared a few of my experiences walking with Jesus with some of them, hope it can become a blessing for them! Especially chida-kun, he was such a good child^^

Also learned a bit of korean language there, hmm,, let me remember a few bits...

Kansamunida - thank you
chael bo goku sumida - thank you for the food
kaccha - lie
chincha - truth

seems like an interesting language to learn, and because the grammar is very similar to japanese, I think I'll have a blast learning them!

Now if only I have time to spare ;)

Oh, forgot to say to myself : Happy birthday^^ This year was so hectic and busy that I didn't have any time to properly celebrate myself and giving thanks to God.
Thank you God for these 27 years on this earth, and please let me serve you more until the time You are calling me back home.
Oh, and also thank you for letting me starting this blog. When I re-read them again, I can see how much You work in my life through my darkness moments, and how much my joys amplified by Your blessings.Thank you for walking with me everyday. Love you^^

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